Playseat Evolution White (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PC)

  • Fully adjustable in size and height for the perfect driving position
  • Steel frame for rigidity and long-lasting performance
  • Hand-stitched logo in headrest
  • Double-stitched vinyl for increased durability
  • Hand-stitched logo in headrest
  • Double-stitched vinyl for increased durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed for age 8+


With the Playseat racing simulation cockpit, you can share in the ultimate thrill experienced by real-life racing drivers during a race. You can drive your own GT4 Formula 1, DTM, or WRC in your own home, in front of your TV or computer. You can measure your own performance against the computer or your friends and, if you want to take it a stage further, you can race online against other drivers anywhere in the world.

Compatible with all driving wheels including Logitech G25, Logitech MOMO, Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel, Fanatec Porsche Wheel. The Playseat is the perfect support for force feedback wheels

Compatible with PS3, PS2, Xbox, Xbox360, PC, Wii

Compatible with all racing video games and flight simulations (joysticks can be firmly held as well as driving wheels and pedals)

The Ultimate Gaming Experience Playsets ignites, connects, and delivers the ultimate game experience at home for thrill-seeking gamers and race drive enthusiasts around the world. All race seats are patented due to their unique folding mechanism. The foldable seat is combined with a fully adjustable steel frame that can be fully adjusted in height, length, and depth and is adjustable to almost every game computer and steering wheel. The seats are for ages 8 upwards.

With its totally renewed design and double-stitched vinyl seat, even top drivers all around the world use this racing seat to improve their skills or just to have a great time.

Accessories in the range include Floormat, Seat Slider, Logitech G25 Gear Shift Holder, Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel Assembly Kit, and LCD Screen Stand.


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